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At Cadmans Solicitors, you can rely on us for a professional legal service and help with dealing with divorce and family law.

The welfare of your child is our primary concern

The family team at Cadmans Solicitors places the well-being of your of your child at the forefront of any advice you receive. Sometimes a disagreement about the arrangements for your child becomes inevitable. The family team at Cadmans Solicitors recognises that as the child's parents, you're the best people to make those arrangements. During the emotionally difficult times following the breakdown of a relationship, it is all too easy for a child to become a pawn in the disputes between parents. Let us help you to resolve your disputes without involving your child. Our child law team is managed by partner Kris Reid, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in managing divorce law cases involving children. Contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a free initial consultation. Based in Cleckheaton, we offer our services to clients across West Yorkshire.
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Helping your family through divorce

The family team at Cadmans Solicitors is dedicated to resolving family disputes through finding fair solutions. If you want advice on divorce proceedings, we can help you to reach a fair and constructive settlement. 
A marriage breakdown is a difficult time; we are here to help you through it.

In addition to providing advice on family and divorce law, we also provide legal assistance for injury or loss suffered as a result of a medical accident.
financial negotiation

Financial negotiation and management

Sorting out the finances in the midst of a family breakdown can often create resentment. Let the family team at Cadmans Solicitors use their many years of experience to help you reach an amicable agreement. The law requires a fair division of the family assets. We can help identify those family assets and then advise you on dividing those assets, to give you the best possible start to your new life. 
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